July 25, 2021  

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Real Estate Recovery Mission Inc. serves individuals, families, and veterans experiencing financial hardship.

RRM is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization ( IRS ID  26-3763022)   that was established in 2008. Our goals are to assist low-income individuals and families find a place they can call home. We provide safe and affordable housing options to those in need across Los Angeles, Riverside, and San Bernardino Counties.

Our Services
  •  Housing for homeless veterans and their families
  • Placement of families into affordable, rehabilitated  and  brand  new  homes 
  •  Provide affordable housing  with  implementation  of green energy features

We  are dedicated   to help homeless veterans and their   families with housing in Southern California   .We are   providing  housing to  Veterans Under  government  HUD / VASH  program,   We have currently  have  several  hosing project for veterans  in San Bernardino And Riverside   County . In  Desert  Hot Springs of Riverside County  we are  now Starting  brand  new housing Construction  for  Veterans ( Brand New Triplex)  on our land  to accommodate   10  + homeless Veterans  . Because our  Veteran Housing support Mission Is growing   and we are involved now in several veteran projects therefore   We are in  real  need of  support , sponsorship  or  collaboration with other organizations  and individuals    .   We  greatly   appreciate any of your  donation  to help us to serve Veterans  with housing   .

  We  are 501 c 3 nonprofit  organization and all donations to us are  fully tax deductible.
Thank  you!  
Our Goals
1. Provide affordable "green" homes on residential lots in Riverside and San Bernardino Counties owned RRM,  for homeless Veterans  and their families
2. Implement in our housing projects green energy features
The staff members of RRM have education and expertise in that area of serving low income people.
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